The Pan-Asian Co-propriety Sphere was an effort started by a group of Asian companies. Much like Far Isle the companies prepped a colony mission of their own and sent it off into space, however they picked a system of vast resources and no habitable planets. Instead they constructed complex orbital habitats designed with ornate gardens from their native lands. While each habitat, and each corporation that created one, is different in their behavior and culture, all have a corporate structure of some sort and only the directors live in the most lavish of settings.

Militarily they are highly divided. Many have simply purchased ships from other parties like FIC. Most of their homebrew designs are effectively armed freighters used for military and commerce equally, though they are typically very undergunned in order to maintain cargo space.

They maintain a small number of very conventional vehicle designs and a fairly small army of infantry. A single aerial combat drone augments their ground forces as well as a robotic walker vehicle design. The robotic walker actually gets limited use onboard their ships.

Home System(s):

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Asteroid Belt 1
    • kagamitan Asteroid Complex
  • Ross 248A
    • keun gidung Station Complex
  • Asteroid Belt 2
    • Penhubdav Song Complex
  • Ross 248B
    • Yuǎndōng Station Complex
  • Asteroid Belt 3
    • Mùa Gặt Asteroid Complex
  • Ross 248C
    • Honzako Station Complex
  • Asteroid Belt 4
    • Bān Dāw Asteroid Facility

Design Groups

  • Hanzako Special Projects
  • Yuandong Yards

Manufactured Goods

PACS Merchant Marine

PACS Security Forces


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