New Jerusalem System


The Kharak system, also known as New Jerusalem, was named after the only world of real interest within it to humans and that world bares the same name. It become the haven for the Imirian Caliphate who colonized it during the Interstellar Era.

It includes three passably inhabitable planets, Iadea, Donos, and Kharak. Though only Kharak is close enough to be generally useful for human habitation. The other two are barren worlds much like mars at best requiring air and water to be brought in. However both also possess impressive material wealth in raw materials.


  • Iaeda, barren
  • Donos, barren
  • Kharak, desert
  • Arahdah, gas giant
    • Novus
  • Ehan, gas giant
    • Dieos
  • Talas
  • Nyssa

New Jerusalem System

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