Monday Revolver



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Varied
Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
Type: Revolver
Size: Small
Ammo: 15mm Short, 6 Round Cylinder
Fire Rate: Revolver
Power: C-
Penetration: C-
Range: 70m
Endurance: C
Accessories: 1 Rail (Top)


The Colonies had a need for simple weapons well before the Colony Rebellion. Some of the wildlife on inhabitable planets required some heavy hitting power and the Monday Revolver was one of the weapons of choice. The name comes from the last name of the designer, Tara Monday. It didn’t have fancy options like ETC or LP, it just had a big fat round that would hit like a ton of bricks. When war did break out they became very popular when up close and personal with UEG forces.

Monday Revolver

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