Maverick Heavy Missile Platform

The Maverick Heavy Missile Platform (MHMP) is the SAN’s multi-purpose heavy missile design and the larger sibling of the Arrow Missile Platform. Much like it’s smaller sibling it offers a variety of components to chose from, however all the Mavericks use ‘long’ engines as they are expected to be use at extreme distances. They also have fewer warhead types as they are intended for use against other ships.

The Maverick engines also have a programmable flight system, allowing them to coast for part of their flight and reignite the engine when it’s needed. This also allows them to be fired from warship magnetic launch rails without their engines ‘on’ and turn their engines on only when they reach a certain point designated by the tactical officer firing them.

A standard combat MHMP loadout is typically a KPFE-HS-LHMFT mix.

Mixed Mode guidance module combines a thermal sensor and a ship guided/dumb fire sensor into a single package.

Warhead Modules

  • Fusion Explosive (FE)
  • Kinetic Penetrating Fusion Explosive (KPFE)
  • Beam Pumped X-Ray Laser (BL)

Guidance Modules

  • Mixed Mode (MM)
  • Hyper-Spectral (HS)

Engine Modules

  • Long Fusion Torch (LFT)
    • Cruise: 200G, 3 LM
    • Max: 800G, 45 LS
  • Long High Maneuverability Fusion Torch (LHMFT)
    • Cruise: 200G, 2.7 LM
    • Max: 800G, 40 LS

Maverick Heavy Missile Platform

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