Marex Pilot Suit


Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): UEG, SAM
Type: Sealed Light Body Armor
Armor: D
Endurance: C+
Flexibility: B+
Features: G-Tolerance, Sealed Environmental Suit with Filtered Helmet and Exterior Connectors


The Marex Pilot Suit was designed during the Interstellar Space Era for use by small craft crews. They had to be as protective as possible while being as light as possible. This means that they are best at protecting against minor radiation and limited exposure to space then anything else. It also has physical connections to connect the suit to a ships air recycling, body waste recycling, and food dispension systems. These allow fighter pilots to spend extended periods in a fighter without suffering to greatly.

It was commonly worn by shuttle, space plane, and dropship crews. Corvette crews typically considered themselves above wearing these, though the Hammer Corvette did have connections for them.

Marex Pilot Suit

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