Mao Assault Rifle



Era: Early Space Era
Manufacturer: Norinco, Various
Government(s)/Organization(s): China, India, and Allies
Type: Assault Rifle
Size: Medium
Ammo: 6mm Long, 30 Round Clip, 80 Round Drum
Fire Rate: Automatic (Single Shot, Short Burst)
Range: 400m
Accessories: Replaceable Handgrip, Red Dot Telescopic Sight, Bayonet Mounting Pin


The Mao was the standard assault rifle of the Chinese forces and their allies leading into the Corporate Wars. Potentially millions of these were built and spread around to all the allied nations, thousands more would be taken into space by men and women whose families passed them down. The Handgrip can be removed and an underbarrel grenade launcher added. A Bayonet can be snapped into place to a pin in the handle area of the rifle.

Mao Assault Rifle

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