Light Cruisers

Light Cruisers are smaller Cruisers, a step up in size and tonnage from Frigates. They tend to find themselves performing Patrols, Scouting, Surveying, and performing Scientific missions. They usually are lightly armed, typically no heavier than Frigates, though have solid armor for their size. While they lack the command facilities specifically for commanding fleets, they sometimes act as a task force command ship when escorted by Frigates.

Civilian Survey vessels are often classed as ‘light cruisers’ because they are built on this style of hull and at these tonnages. Most could be converted to military use in a pinch with relative ease. Those not built in this way are usually considered transports or ‘science vessels’ instead.

Early Space Era

  • None

Interstellar Space Era

Modern Space Era

Light Cruisers

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