Kingdom of Gryphon

The Kingdom of Gryphon was established when a colony mission had a catastrophic drive failure and arrived in another system than the one they had intended to arrive at. With the ship unable to leave the system they were forced to settle a single harsh super-earth world of the system as best they could. When a SAN survey crew eventually found this lost colony they had established a capable, if harsh, living and their ruling council opened up an offer for further colonists from SA space to come to their worlds for a price.

Gryphon has a monarchy where all original colonists are landholders with rights to all the resources of the system and are officially nobles of the realm. Those who had the most important skills were granted the largest titles to the systems resources. New colonists had to buy their way to owning anything within this domain and those who could not afford to pay live in servitude to those who either owned the land originally or bought it from the Nobility. This creates three layers of society: Nobility, Freeborn, and Serfs.

On top of the Nobility is the monarch, either a king or queen descended from the original colonies leaders. Performing a significant action for the crown can allow one to become a minor noble and confers a small title to the systems resources. Freeborn tend to be the only ones capable of performing these actions, but a few serfs have managed it in the past. All those of the nobility have a certain amount of influence among their peers and are simply treated better, on top of having title to resources that guarantees a certain level of wealth. Nobles can easily rise up through the ranks of the KoG military.

Freeborn paid their way in or had a noble pay their way in in the case of those with critically needed skills (doctors, teachers, etc) that the original colonists lacked. Freeborn have full rights and abilities within the realm. Few Freeborn can become officers of the KoG navy, only the most exceptional are allowed the training, and even should they rise to Flag Rank Freeborn admirals are called ‘admirals of the red’, while noble admirals are ‘admirals of the white’. Admirals of the red cannot perform certain actions and admirals of the white always out rank them.

Serfs have almost no rights, owing their place to a noble who provides for them in exchange for their labor. Mining, construction, and agriculture are typical work for serfs in the system. KoG law requires certain actions from a noble to their serfs and does not allow them to be used like slaves, though some argue it’s a fine line between the two.

While they are considered more primitive in technology compared to most of humanity, they do have a completely custom set of military hardware. Most of these are very small compared to what much larger navies have, though that doesn’t mean they are not useful when used correctly. Recent events have allowed them to update their technology by purchasing it from outside sources. Though even with these sources they cannot natively build FTL cores or LGS hardware, which means all such technology has to be imported. Their space forces are split into two groups: The Champions Own Guard and the Gryphon Lancers. The Champions Own Guard (or COG) were created specifically to serve the interests of the High King and are under the command of the High King’s Champion. The Gryphon Lancers are a more ‘conventional’ (For the Kingdom anyways) naval group sworn to the collective service of their kingdom as a whole rather than the High King specifically. This has lead to some tension between the two forces.

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Kingdom of Gryphon

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