Kiba Light Tank



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
Type: Light Tank
Size: Small
Crew: 1
Speed: C+
Agility: B-
Armor: B-
Endurance: C
Weapons: 1 Conventional Cannon


The Kiba was an improvisation to create a ‘tank’ for use by the Colonies during the Colony Rebellion. They did not have the resources or time to make a conventional tank, so they made some of these mini-tanks instead. However their firepower was below that of any other tank fielded, as was the armor. However it did do fairly well against IFVs and so eventually they became IFV hunters.

The Kiba has one weapon system a snub-nosed ETC cannon with a very short range. Most other such weapons can hit targets several miles away, rounds from the Kiba’s cannon cannot even reach 1 mile.

Kiba Light Tank

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