Jinroh Combat Blade



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Type: Mono-molecular Blade
Size: Medium
Ammo: None
Fire Rate: None
Power: Variable
Penetration: B+
Range: Melee
Endurance: A
Accessories: None


In the modern battlefield melee weapons have not fared well as it can often be easier to shot someone, this has left knives as the only general use melee weapons… Until the Jinroh Combat Blade. The Jinroh combat blade is made from molecularly aligned nanocrystalline diamond aggregates with a mono-molecular edge. The blade is not conductive and can sheer through things like tank armor if provided enough kinetic energy. It is also durable enough it takes extreme force to break it while still being light weight. The blade is usable with one or two hands.

Jinroh Combat Blade

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