Jianhuren Aerospace Fighter



  • Era: Mid Early Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Chengdu Aerospace Corporation (Earth, Sol)
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): China
  • Type: LEO Capable Aerospace Fighter
  • Size: Medium
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed: B (A with Boosters)
    • Acceleration
      • Cruise: 1G
      • Max: 1.5G/3G
    • Low Atmosphere
      • Cruise: Mach 1
      • Max: Mach 2
    • High Atmosphere
      • Cruise: Mach 2
      • Max: Mach 4+
    • Ceiling:
  • Agility: A (A- with Boosters)
  • Armor: D
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: 2 Rapid Fire Cannons, 8 Small Missiles (1-2 shot), 4 Variable Wing Pylons
  • Defenses: Radar Stealth, Flare/Chaff Launcher
  • Sensors: C


The Jianhuren, or Guardian in English, is a sixth+ generation fighter. They were designed with the thought of orbital intercept in mind as well as traditional air combat roles. It defined the sixth+ generation of fighters when released.

It is armed with twin rapid fire cannons and dual fuselage missile bays with four small missiles each. Each wing also has two pylon spots so it can mount heavier weapons as needed. The tip of each wing can also hold a fuel tank to increase range or delta V. It has a pair of scram-jet engines to provide primary thrust. The top of each wing also has a mounting place for a booster high thrust scram-jet to give it the thrust to reach low earth orbit, these need to be used in pairs.


Jianhuren Aerospace Fighter

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