Invader Aerospace Fighter



  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer: AQX
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
  • Type: Aerospace Fighter
  • Size: Medium
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed:
    • Atmosphere
      • Cruise:
      • Max:
    • Space
      • Cruise:
      • Max:
  • Agility:
  • Armor:
  • Endurance:
  • Weapons:
  • Defenses: Stealth Systems
  • Sensors:


The Invader Aerospace Fighter was created by AQX as a general use aircraft design. They were not intended to be used in combat, instead they were originally sold as a single person general purpose jet aircraft. Later on they were retooled to add weapon systems. Ironically they were designed with stealth systems from the beginning due to the material used in their armor plating.

Invader Aerospace Fighter

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