Inazuma Destroyer



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Ares Shipyward
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): SAN
  • Type: Destroyer
  • Crew: 78
  • Size: Medium
  • Speed: C
    • Cruise: 20G
    • Max: 140G
    • LGS: 2:10P
  • FTL: SAN Military Linear Type 2 (2.5 ly/m)
  • Agility: B
  • Armor: C
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: Massive Railgun, 4 UV Laser Turrets
  • Defenses: Stealth, Flare/Chafe Launcher
  • Sensors: C, ECCM
  • Small Craft Capacity: 1 Basic Docking Port (1 Large sized mount )


The Inazuma Destroyer was designed as an experimental weapons testbed. Most of the ship is one giant railgun using Gravitic boosters. By size and by crew compliment it more closely resembles a Frigate then a Destroyer.

It’s primary weapon is one big gravtic boosted railgun, backed up only by 4 UV laser systems for point defense. It uses four fusion torch drives for basic propulsion and a FTL drive to move it between systems. It makes use of an early LGS (Limited Gravity System).

To date only one Inazuma has been built and no plans exist to produce more. The Inazuma has been kept on extended Patrol of the Sol system and the other primary colony worlds since it went into service.

Inazuma Destroyer

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