Imirian Caliphate

The Imirian Caliphate was formed by a group of devote Islamic colonists who felt their religion was being diminished by the modern world and the grip of the UEG. They had gone well past any existing system surveys and eventually arrived in the Kharak system which had two barren worlds and a mildly desert world. They lacked sufficient resources to continue outward to find a better system to live in and colonized the three harsh worlds the system had to offer renaming the system to New Jerusalem.

Ignored for their small size and the sheer distance during the Colony Rebellion, they were left to develop on their own. Even after having more normal traffic with the SA, they are very isolationist in nature and limit how many new peoples they allow into their system. The Royal Imirian Caliphate Guard (RICG or natively they are known as the Ruyal Imirian Alkhilafat Alharas or RIAA) is tasked with both ground and space forces to protect the Caliphate form hostile threats. Most outside contact is handled through their merchant marine and they maintain a fleet to protect their home system which is a combination of native ships and purchased foreign assets. Most of their foreign assets are frigates purchased after the Colony Rebellion when they moved to modernize their space forces. These frigates augmented their existing frigate forces which made up the bulk of their fleet. In fact they only have three ships larger than a frigate in their service.

A recent deal with FIC allowed them to acquire full LGS technology and they updated their existing native designs to make use of it. However most of their native vessels came before access to LGS and FTL systems from FIC and so acquired their systems in other ways. This includes salvaging a UEG Defender Cruiser FTL core to mount in their Sambuk heavy cruiser and purchasing commercial FTL cores for their Kotiya destroyers.

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Royal Imirian Caliphate Guard

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Imirian Caliphate

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