ICF Kaito Destroyer



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Crusader Designs
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): ICF
  • Type: Destroyer
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • Crew: 80
  • Speed: C
    • Cruise: 1G
    • Max: 7G
  • Agility: C-
  • Armor: B-
  • Endurance: C+
  • Weapons: 4 Heavy lasers, 2 Heavy Railguns, 13 Railgun Turrets, 52 Point Defense Lasers
  • Defenses: Flare/Chafe Launchers
  • Sensors: C


The ICF Kaito Destroyer is a heavy combat design created for the Korona League forces. It is designed to be able to counter heavy missile barrages and land heavy hits of it’s own.

It is armed with a pair of heavy railguns and four heavy lasers as it’s primary weapons. These are backed up by thirteen railgun turrets. The last line of defense are fifty two light point defense laser turrets.

ICF Kaito Destroyer

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