Human Non-Corporate Organizations

Political Movements

Several political movements exist that vie for public attention or more direct influence within the Systems Alliance.


  • Ideals: Reclaiming Earth
  • Origin: Singapore Orbital Tether Station (Earth orbit, Sol System)
  • Background: Earth has had drastic man made climate change for several centuries and the Reclaimers seek to limit any further development and even ‘turn back the clock’ through a use of terraforming techniques. This also includes limiting further human expansion on Earth itself. Most Reclaimers seek to turn Earth into a garden paradise and possibly even to recover lost species do to the actions of mankind.


  • Ideals: Preservationism, Environmentalism
  • Origins: Muir (Luna, Sol System)
  • Background: The Preservationists could be seen as a more radical splinter to the Reclaimers movement. They seek to limit further human expansion on colonized worlds and reduce the environmental impact humans cause on habitable worlds.

Post Humanity

  • Ideals: Asceticism, Eugenics, Social Darwinism, Adaptability, Hyper-Evolution
  • Origins: Xiphos Station (Uranus, Sol System)
  • Background: Post Humanity is a movement to not just to advance humanity as it is now, but to create the humanity of tomorrow. They use eugenics, genetic engineering, and cybernetics to alter the human form. Some amount of genetic engineering of the human form has been around for nearly 200 years now, but they take it to a new level. Different Post Human groups exist from the radical ideology but mundane perfectionists, to the radical physiology of the transcendents.


  • Ideals: Bioconservatism, Primitivism, Natural Order
  • Origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: Bioconservatives are strongly suspicious and critical of the transhuman direction the human race is taking. They are strong proponents of limiting technological development due to the threat it manifests to existing social orders. They are opposed to nanofabrication, genetic modification, cloning, cybernetic modifications, artificial intelligence, and uplifting among other technologies. They dismiss these technologies as unnatural, an affront to god’s will, or a technology that humanity is not yet mature enough to handle.


  • Ideals: Information Freedom, Social Responsibility, Techno-Progressivism
  • Origins: Markov Station (Kuiper Belt, Sol System)
  • Background: The name is seen as ironic for a classic movie and tv tie in, since what they want is the exact opposite of the concept they named themselves after. They seek the advancement of science and technology in socially responsible ways.


  • Ideals: Anarchism, Anti-capitalism, Communism, Direct Democracy, Mutual Aid
  • Origins:
  • Background: Anarchists eschew power and hierarchy, promoting horizontal and directly democratic methods of organization. Individual empowerment and collective action are cornerstones of their philosophy, as is economic communism enabled by equal access to fabrication machines and shared resources. Most want private property to be abolished above the level of personal possessions. They want no laws and to have no one to watch over what you do, with disputes handled through ad hoc community conflict resolution.


While many old religions still exist, advancement into space has shaken many older religions and formed many new ones. Most new ones are little more than cults, though some have significant followings.


  • Ideals: Alien Godhood
  • Origins: Unknown
  • Background: Xenodeism believes that humanity was created or at least seeded on Earth by some power ancient alien race. Part of the logical basis of this belief is the similarity of life found in the universe to date, xenodeists just take that idea further.

Children of the Void

  • Ideals:
  • Origins:
  • Background:

Criminal Groups

A wide variety of criminal organizations exist, both large and small.

ID Crew

  • Rackets: Electronic Crime, Information Brokerage, Bank Fraud, Counterfeiting, Data Theft
  • Origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: The IC Crew has it’s origins in much earlier hacking and information pirating groups on Earth. The ID Crew specifically formed during the Colony Rebellion, as the time was ripe for digital crimes and it has progressed ever since then. Formation of the Systems Alliance allowed them to expand and they now have operations in all former colony systems and most new colony worlds. However one does not contact them in person, you find them online.


  • Rackets: Racketeering, Extortion, Kidnapping, Prostitution
  • origins: Earth (Sol System)
  • Background: “The Brotherhood” is a crime syndicate that spans much of known space. They see each other as a large extended family and the original core group were existing crime families. However like the mafia before them, they present an outward face of legitimate enterprise, though never under their own name. They do however have an open presence in the Hod system were they can operate openly as long as they don’t cause problems for the ruling families.

Sun On Yee

  • Rackets: Counterfeiting, Piracy, Prostitution, Extortion, Illegal Drugs and Weapons
  • origins: China (earth, Sol System)
  • Background: The Sun On Yee is a classic Triad from China who during the rise of the East setup shop all over the world. The Corporate Wars and later Colonial Rebellion took a toll on the strength of the Sun On Yee and the organization mostly left Earth for greener pastures. They come into conflict with other groups such as the Germanitatem regularly. Especially since both groups have facilities in the Hod system.

14K Triad

  • Rackets: Gambling, Extortion, Illegal Drugs, Prostituion, Fighting Tournaments, Loan Sharking
  • Origins: China (Earth, Sol System)
  • Background: The largest rival Triad to the Sun On Yee among the former Triads and the other to leave Earth behind. The 14K triad specializes in satisfying vices such as drugs, sex, violence. It also runs legal and illegal gambling across known space using it’s front: Galaxy Entertainment Group. They are openly powerful enough that their enforcers in the Pai Gow (Double Hand) can even work openly in many places.

Red Suns

  • Rackets: Piracy
  • Origins: Hod System
  • Background: The Red Suns are one of the first organized pirate bands post-colony rebellion. They had been a unit within the Colonial forces that decided to take their ships and head off into the edges of known space rather than join the Systems Alliance.

Blood Scythes

  • Rackets: Piracy, Slavery
  • Origins: Unknown
  • Background: The Blood Scythes are a highly organized and violent pirate group. Their base is likely to be somewhere in the fringes, though their ‘hunting parties’ operate throughout known space. They have been highly successful and so are better equipped than most pirate operations.

Human Non-Corporate Organizations

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