Horizon Science Vessel



  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Lunar Shipyards
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): UEG, Ceres
  • Type: Freighter/Science Vessel
  • Size: Small/Medium
  • Crew: 12 Core, 48 Mission
  • Speed: C
    • Cruise: 1G
    • Max: 6G
  • FTL: Horizon Interstellar Linear Type 1 (1.1 ly/m)
  • Agility: C
  • Armor: D
  • Endurance: D+
  • Weapons: None
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: A
  • Small Craft Capacity:
    • 1 Forward Hangar Bay (1 Large Dock)


The Horizon series of Science Vessels were originally conceived to experiment with and then become the first interstellar ships rather than the Paionia Experimental Vessel and the Nanxing Exploration Cruiser. However cost overruns occurred as well as a series of lengthy delays and another team working on the Paionia got their first. The Horizon did enter trials, but this was after the Nanxing had launched their first interstellar voyage. While two such ships were built, only the first one was eventually used to explore systems alongside the Nanxing series.

Physically smaller than the Nanxing series, they carried an entirely scientific payload with no weapons. It does have a small cargo bay designed like a hangar bay, though in this case it is meant to provide easy access to load and unload cargo.

The second ship of this series, the Enterprise, was bought by Ceres, though no official record of the sale was ever recorded. After their Paionia vessel proved nonlinear FTL this ship was rebuilt to include a nonlinear FTL drive. However unlike other ‘civilian’ ships then or since then, the Enterprise had the ability to use linear or nonlinear FTL. It was used to keep Ceres in the loop of events outside Sol, using it’s scientific sensors to perform scout and recon duties in the colonies during the rebellion.

Horizon Science Vessel

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