Heavy Cruisers

Heavy Cruisers are larger than ‘True’ Cruisers tend to be. They use the extra space and tonnage to add in greater numbers of weapons, better armor, and enhanced facilities for all other potential roles a Cruiser may perform. They are usually a similar size and tonnage to Battle Cruisers, however their more general focus makes them worse in combat. On the other hand they usually carry more small craft, carry more cargo, and have better medical facilities. Also like Cruisers and Battle Cruisers, they are usually designed with a flag bridge.

Heavy Cruisers are somewhat rare. The SAN for instance doesn’t tend to build them because they are more expensive than cruisers which can fill similar roles. The same holds true for FIC. Typically they see the most use from smaller Navies, which use them as flag ships and they may be the only Cruiser design in use which makes a heavier cruiser more capable as the sole asset near it’s size.

Early Space Era

  • None

Interstellar Space Era

Modern Space Era

Heavy Cruisers

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