Harrier Aerospace Fighter



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Manufacturer: AQX
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
  • Type: Aerospace Fighter
  • Size: Medium
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed: B-
    • Atmosphere
      • Cruise:
      • Max:
    • Space
      • Cruise: 30G
      • Max: 300G
      • LGS: 3:10
  • Agility: C+
  • Armor: C-
  • Endurance: C (B+ with 4 fuel pods)
  • Weapons: 5 Pylons
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: C


The Harrier Aerospace Fighter is a AQX design meant to replace the Magnum Interceptor as a primary carrier design. It borrows from the same source as the Solar Frontiers SF-402A Donnervogel Aerospace Fighter and it’s main weapon is a powerful axial laser cannon reminiscent of the corporate wars. However, unlike most aerospace craft it’s entire weapon compliment is actually variable. It can also trade weapons for increased range. With a common mission profile being long ranged patrol, however it’s not terribly comfortable to perform long range patrols in the cramped fighter cockpit a Harrier has. That doesn’t stop them from being very popular for that role, especially with ground based commanders who can launch a group of Harriers to watch common planetary approach vectors.

Technically the Harrier is armed with 5 Pylons, however the central pylon is designed specifically to carry the tactical laser cannon pod and backup power generation and capacitor banks. The other four pylons are designed to hold either a pair of standard missiles, a fuel tank, or a small missile pod which can carry four small missiles each. The small missile pods look like fuel pods, until the side panels open and they launch their payloads. The small missile pods also carry some fuel with the excess space, slightly extending the endurance of the Harrier.

Harrier Aerospace Fighter

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