Harmony Allied States

The Harmony Allied States is the formal government of Eta Cassiopeiae following the Colony Rebellion. Harmony is the only inhabited world within the government, but a number of remote locations around critical locations are also part of the government. The Harmony Allied States are best described as allied city states with each habitat making it’s own laws and rules with the central government providing common ground.

The Harmony Militia provides policing functions within the system: customs, search and rescue, and system security. Most of their craft are fighters and other small craft, however they maintain a pair of Foundation Light Cruisers mostly for search and rescue duties.

Home System: Eta Cassiopeiae

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Rhodes, Harmony tether station
  • Hades, Inferno mining habitat
  • Diamanti, Gem mining facility
  • Aerio, Neraka Beku hydrogen extraction station

MIlitary Assets:

Harmony Allied States

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