Hargut Exploratory Government

The Hargut Exploratory Government is the colony government that developed in the wake of the Colony Rebellion within the 82G Eridani system. Haderia and Oceania are the two worlds of the Hargut Exploratory Government. With very little else of interest in the system their are no other members of the government than the two habitable worlds. Hargut however has an over abundance of habitable worlds and so it is one of the most inhabited star systems within the Systems Alliance.

The Hargut Militia was once the formal military of the system acting from the Colony Rebellion into the current era. It handles policing, customs, and interdiction work in the modern era as Hargut has become part of the Systems Alliance.

Home System: 82G Eridani

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Haderia Station, Haderia tether station
  • Atlantis Station, Oceania tether station

Military Assets:

Hargut Exploratory Government

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