Grenadier RFV



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies, FIC
Type: Robotic Fighting Vehicle (RFV)
Size: Large
Crew: 1
Speed: C+
Agility: C
Armor: B
Endurance: C
Weapons: 1 Railgun, 1 Grenade Launcher
Defenses: None
Sensors: C-


The Grenadier Robotic Fighting Vehicle was created during the Colony Rebellion as the counter to the Jian Heavy Power Armor by FIC. FIC could not create power armor of their own, but using the Handora Robot as an example they were able to create a military robotic vehicle that was larger and more durable as well as having fairly heavy weapons.

For weapons the Grenadier has one arm that ends in a grenade launcher with a pair of external ammo drums feeding it and an arm that ends in a railgun with an external ammo drum.

Grenadier RFV

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