Gorgon is a ‘security services’ company based out of Mars which also makes it’s own weapons, armor, vehicles, and aerospace craft. However their soldiers and officers sell a ‘way of life’ as much as they do their services and many a gang has emulated their look and bought their gear specifically to act like Gorgon troops. A lot of that has to do with a bunch of media done specifically on Gorgon, made in part with the Experia corporation. It gave Gorgon troops cult status and helped boost Gorgon recruitment by over 250%.

Since they have their own military forces they are often treated much like a government even though they don’t control any planets of facilities exclusively. They operate within and outside the SA and most commonly are hired to guard convoys of freighters, though among security companies they are one of the few capable of actually assaulting facilities on the ground or in space using troops and vehicles. They have a certain rivalry with the SA military because they tend to be hunting pirates just as often.

In military capability they use a number of their own designs, though they also have purchased a number of off the shelf designs from other corporations, shipyards, or the FIC. Almost all of these are frigates, though some are small carriers. They also use a number of converted freighters, especially as troop transports or fighter carriers.

Home System:

  • Sol

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Mars, Jericho Habitat

MIlitary Assets:


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