G-56 Assault Carbine



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Mars
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Military Carbine
Size: Medium/Large
Ammo: 10mm Short ETCLP, 40 Rounds (Standard)
Fire Rate: Automatic (Singe, Short Burst, Long Burst)
Accessories: 2 Rails (Upper, Lower)


The G-56 can trace it’s origins back to the H&K G-3, though the two look nearly nothing alike at this point. However the design was ‘hijacked’ by the someone from Ceres and the design was altered and put into to production as the G-31. The design was given to the people at Mars after the Corporate Wars started and they have continued to modify it.

The G-56 specifically was the weapon in service with the Mars militia and Ceres Homeguard during the Colony Rebellion. When the UEG seized Mars these weapons were weapons of their resistance. Thousands were shipped off to the colonies and thousands more were sent to reinforce the existing weapons of the UEG.

G-56 Assault Carbine

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