Fighters are small ships that are most commonly used for combat, scouting, and patrols. They can either be designed as aerospace fighters or as dedicated space fighters. Aerospace fighters are built with an atmosphere in mind and this limits their usable space, but allows them to function in an atmosphere as well as space. Dedicated space fighters give up the ability to function in an atmosphere for heavier armor, engines, or weapons.

Light Fighters specialize in speed, allowing high acceleration and Delta V at the cost of having only light armor and weapons. They also tend to be the hardest to detect allowing them the option of stealth to help keep them intact. A common role for light fighters is to act as interceptors.
| Armor: Light | Weapons: Light | Speed: High | Sensors: Average | Stealth: High |

Medium Fighters are multirole designs useful in all roles commonly given to fighters, but are not masters of any role. They tend to be the smallest Aerospace designs that are fielded. They are also the most commonly used class of fighter.
| Armor: Average | Weapons: Average | Speed: Average | Sensors: Average | Stealth: Average |

Heavy Fighters tend to be specialized combat designs and are most common as dedicated space fighters. They usually have above average armor and as heavy a weapon load as possible, though they are much slower than most other fighters. Those few heavy fighters that are aerospace designs tend to specialized as close air support, though that role is more common for shuttles. In space they tend to be considered ‘bombers’ or anti-ship craft.
| Armor: High | Weapons: High | Speed: Low | Sensors: Average | Stealth: Average |


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