Fiera Light Body Armor



Era: Modern Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Light Body Armor
Armor: D
Endurance: C
Flexibility: A
Environment: Limited Environmental Seals, Support for Filtering Helmets


Fiera Light Body Armor is often dismissed as ‘fashion armor’ because it was designed by a fashion design team and would not look drastically out of place as clothing one could wear most places. That said it does have a value as personal armor and is very flexible.

The biggest issue with it is that even with a sealed helmet the armor is not suitable for toxic atmospheres. With a helmet it is capable of filtering out toxins, but the armor is meant to be able to ‘breathe’. Which makes it very comfortable to wear for extended periods, but gases and some contact chemicals can pass through with only minimal issues.

Fiera Light Body Armor

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