Far Isle System


The Far Isle system is the exclusive domain of the Far Isle Company (FIC). They do business within the SA, but have no interest in joining the SA. Without joining the SA they can make all the rules for themselves and anyone in the Far Isle system. There has been some tension between the SA and the FIC as most workers are treated more like slaves and indentured servitude is the norm. Only executive employees have any real rights and the board has final authority over everything in the system.

Sigma Draconis (σ Dra, σ Draconis) is a 4.7-magnitude star located at a distance of 18.8 light-years in the constellation Draco. Its traditional name is Alsafi. The star is a main sequence dwarf of spectral type K0 V, which has long served as a K0 V spectral standard star. Its classification as K0 V defines one of the rare anchor points of the MK system. The radius has been directly measured to be a result of 77.8% of the Sun’s radius. It has 87% of the Sun’s mass, but the luminosity of this star is only 43% that of the Sun. The projected rotation rate (v sin i) is relatively low at 1.5 km/s. It is considered a slightly metal-poor star, meaning that it has a lower proportion of isotopes with masses more than helium when compared to the Sun.

The temperature, luminosity and surface activity appear to vary slightly in a manner very similar to the sunspot cycle, although the full length of the cycle has not yet been determined. The total variability is among the lowest of all stars that have been measured by the Hipparcos spacecraft.

The components of Sigma Draconis’s space velocity are U=36, V=40 and W=-10 km/s. This gives the star an unusually large orbital eccentricity about the Milky Way galaxy of 0.30 (compared to 0.06 for the Sun.) The mean galactocentric distance for the orbit is 10.3 kiloparsecs (about 34,000 light-years).

Planetary Conditions

The only habitable planet in the system is a temperate world, though early on in it’s planetary life cycle and plant life is still primitive as is ocean life.


  • Interstellar Era:
  • Modern Era:

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Everything about life in the Far Isle system revolves around the FIC. Corporate life is life here and literally everything revolves around that.

Far Isle System

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