F3000 mod 12ML



Era: Modern Space Era
Manufacturer: TAS Industries
Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
Type: Electrothermal-Chemical Liquid Propellant (ETCLP) SMG
Size: Small/Medium
Ammo: 10mm Short ETCLP, 30 Rounds (Standard), 50 Rounds (Extended)
Fire Rate: Automatic (Single Shot, Short Burst, Long Burst)
Power: D+
Penetration: D
Range: 130m
Accuracy: B
Endurance: C
Accessories: 1 Rail (Top), 1 Mount (Lower), 1 Threaded Barrel


The F3000 mod 12ML is a ETCLP submachinegun designed by TAS Industries.

F3000 mod 12ML

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