Exo Rover



  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Gatekeeper/Mars Expeditionary
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Various
  • Type: Civilian Science Rover
  • Size: Large
  • Crew: 1 Core, 4 Missions
  • Speed: D
    • Ground Speed (Paved): 40 mph (64 kph)
    • Ground Speed (Off-Road): 30 mph (48 kph)
  • Agility: C
  • Armor: D
  • Endurance: C
  • Weapons: None
  • Defenses: None
  • Sensors: C+


The Exo Rover was designed and originally built on Mars to allow distant exploration of planetary surface features. They went on to be used on many other worlds with habitable and not so habitable atmospheres and sufficient gravity to function. A few people have put them to use as tractors on colony worlds and other ‘not as designed’ purposes as well over the years, it has been effective in most of them.

It came with a ‘research trailer’, which is a vehicle without an engine that had a full science lab within it and was towed behind the rover.

Exo Rover

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