Escort Carriers

Escort Carriers, like Carriers are designed to transport small craft from location to location since the range of small craft is typically so limited. However, small craft offer a level of flexibility larger units often cannot while their weapons remain powerful enough to threaten those heavier space craft. Escort Carriers usually only hold small numbers of fighters to provide offense, defense, and scouting options to fleets and task forces using their fighter elements.

Fighters were seen as near worthless in space combat during the Early Space Era and only later in the Interstellar Space Era did they become a respected element in combat. Because of this view, Escort Carriers in particular were not even considered until the ISE. From these humble roots grows half a dozen more modern designs. They come in a very large assortment of tonnages and sizes with a variety of design goals. From fast light pocket carriers to larger ‘combat carriers’ that rival Cruisers for command facilities.

Colony Rebellion Era

Modern Space Era

Escort Carriers

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