Eridanus Collective

The Eridanus Collective is the government formed from the few thousand colonists who have come to the planet Reach. With only a few thousand people on the entire planet ‘government’ is kind of a misnomer. That said a council of experts in colonial fields is in charge with all colony members being able to vote on major issues.

The Eridanus Defense League is the militia force tasked with guarding the planet. However it’s massively under-armed against anything beyond minor pirate forces. It consists of around half a hundred ancient fighters capable of limited ground to space ability. Thankfully a small SAN task force (2 Rakshasa Frigates, 2 Avenger Frigates, and 1 Odyssey Light Cruiser) is stationed here.

Home System: Eridanus System

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

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Military Assets:

Eridanus Collective

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