Desert Warrior ATV



Era: Interstellar Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
Type: ATV
Size: Small
Crew: 3
Speed: B
Agility: B-
Armor: D-
Endurance: C-
Weapons: 1 Light Conventional Cannon Turret


The Desert Warrior ATV was made by the colonies from the Dusty Buggy chassis in an attempt at an early Colony Rebellion combat vehicle. While obviously unable to counter tanks effectively, it was more capable then any IFVs in use at the time. However even one hit from a heavy weapon or bursts of fire from machienguns will take it out. The extension to add the flat bed in the rear proved problematic and required a lot of maintenance to keep it working.

The Desert Warrior is armed with a light ETC cannon in a turret mount the equal of the weapon used by many IFVs.

Desert Warrior ATV

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