Crawler IFV



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): Colonies
Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
Size: Large
Crew: 2+24
Speed: C
Agility: C
Armor: C
Endurance: B-
Weapons: 2 Light Conventional Cannon Turrets, 4 LMG Turrets


The Crawler IFV was created after the Colony Rebellion began to cover the need for a battlefield troop transport. Everyone knew the UEG could not be kept from landing on the Colonies as the fledgling space force had limited ability to combat them, but with no need for a military before getting troops around was incredibly hard. Enter the Ares designed Crawler IFV, which could hold 20 infantry and had limited fire support capability as well. The only downsides to it were it’s relatively slow speed compared to other vehicles and it’s still rather light armor.

The Crawler is armed with 2 Light snub-nosed ETC Cannons in horizontal turrets and 4 light machinegun turrets. The turrets are all operated from inside the IFV and gunnery duty for the LMGs is usually done by the passengers, while the backup driver mains the cannons.

Crawler IFV

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