Craft Stunts

Always Making Useful Things

Fate Core, p.103

The Tools Are Lesser than the Hand

You can produce master-craftsman-level work with the crudest of tools. With a proper workshop, you can create impossibly amazing devices in the finest da Vinci style. (Fate System Toolkit, p.99)

Workshop of Choice

Pick a specific workshop or machine shop. You know exactly how this place is arranged and how it operates, and gain +2 on Crafts whenever you perform work within it.

Architect of Death

+2 to Crafts rolls when designing, repairing or upgrading weaponry. (adapted from Spirit of the Century SRD)

Favored Material

Choose a type of solid material (e.g. wood, steel, bone). +2 to Crafts when you work predominantly with that substance. (Peter Blake)

From Another Time

You are intimately familiar with the technology of a time other than the present. Choose a time period other than the present day. Add two to your Crafts skill when working with objects or materials from that time period.

Master Bowyer

+2 to Crafts when crafting or repairing bows. (Peter Blake)


+2 to Crafts when building or repairing boats or ships. (Peter Blake)


+2 to create advantage with Crafts when assessing or working with stone. (Peter Blake)


+2 to Crafts when preserving, stuffing, or posing dead animals. (Peter Blake)

Eye For Flaws

+2 to create advantage with Crafts when you examine an object or machine for physical weaknesses. (Peter Blake)


Fate Core, p.91


There is an art to making things quickly out of cannibalized parts. You find it easy, because the people who made the thing you took apart did most of the work. +2 to create advantages with Crafts whenever you disassemble machinery for later re-use.


If you can take apart a clock, you can take apart a lock. You may roll Crafts instead of Burglary when lockpicking.

Craft Stunts

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