Corvettes are traditionally small dedicated spacecraft that serve as escorts, patrol ships, and scouts used to take care of simple day to day tasks within a single solar system. Corvettes are often piloted by crews as small as two and the largest seldom carry more than a dozen. What makes them truly different from Heavy Fighters designed to perform patrol duties is usually comfort as they will have beds to sleep in and normal amenities to support their small crews for extended periods.

Most Corvettes are either built with strong sensors and large engines or heavy guns and strong armor. However in combat most Corvettes cannot expect to take on larger vessels such as Frigates or Cruisers one on one and come out on top and instead are better suited to act as escorts to larger ships augmenting their firepower. However they almost always lack FTL capability, so their use is usually limited to a defensive stance.

‘Gunships’ are often a specialized type of Corvette that fill the ‘slow, but heavily armed’ role and act as combat escorts. Many ‘Gunships’ are meant to at least severely damage a Frigate in a fight by carrying as heavy a weapons load as possible.

Unlike Fighters and shuttles, Corvettes are not usually designed to fit inside hangar bays. That said there are rarely functional reasons other than an odd shape why they could not fit inside a hangar bay if needed. Many Corvettes have been built specifically to dock with larger vessels using docking collars. This allows even freighters to carry a handful of Corvettes with relative ease.

Early Space Era

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Interstellar Space Era

Modern Space Era


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