Corsair Fighter



  • Era: Initial Early Space Era
  • Manufacturer:
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): Many Nations
  • Type: Fighter Aircraft
  • Size: Large
  • Crew: 1
  • Speed: C
    • Acceleration
      • Cruise: 0.88G
      • Max: 1G
    • Low Atmosphere
      • Cruise: Mach 1
      • Max: Mach 1.2
    • High Atmosphere
      • Cruise: Mach 2
      • Max: Mach 2.4
    • Ceiling: 15,000m
  • Agility: C
  • Armor: F
  • Endurance: B
  • Weapons: Rapid Fire Cannon, 6 Standard Missiles (1-6 shot), 4 Small Missiles (1-2 shot)
  • Defenses:
  • Sensors: D


The Corsair was a European variable swept wing fifth generation fighter. They were still in limited use during the early space era and would see action against much more modern designs like the Biao Aerospace Fighter or Sanda Aerospace Fighter, let alone state of the art aerospace designs like the Sunglider Aerospace Fighter. The Corsair was never intended to reach even low orbit and, while a high atmosphere design, it will reach a wall around 16,000 meters (16 km or 52,000 feet) compared to a normal operating height of 25,000 to 150,000 meters for a sunglider.

The Corsair is armed with a fixed forward rapid fire cannon on the right side behind the cockpit and a large central missile bay which can hold six missiles underneath with another two small missiles in smaller bays to either side. It mounts twin engines capable of speeds up to Mach 3 and is considered a short runway takeoff design. It has variable geometry wings much like the classic US F-14 fighter, using this it can alter it’s wing shape to better fit the desired flight characteristics from moment to moment in flight.

Corsair Fighter

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