Conventional Armor

Conventional Armor or ‘Body Armor’ is personal armor that doesn’t require any special ability to use and is unpowered. Most body armor is ballistic armor using flexible and semi-felxible materials to resist high velocity projectile attacks as well as cuts and blunt trauma.

Most early body armor is made out of fabric woven from para-aramid fibers (such as Kevlar), polyethylene, or synthetics inspired by the molecular structure of spider silk. It is soaked in a “shear thickening fluid” of hard ceramic nanoparticles suspended in liquid. During normal handling, the armor is very flexible, but when a bullet or fragment strikes it, it becomes a rigid material.

Later armors are strengthened by other materials such as woven carbon nanotubes. The best armors may even be nano-fabricated of materials such as synthetic diamond.

Light Body Armor is the most flexible and least protective. They are completely fabric and do not generally have any solid plates. However another consideration for light armor is a ‘suit’ like bullet proof vests, which have plates only covering certain locations and these are restrictive but considered ‘light’ because they offer limited protection.

Medium Armor is a tradoff between protection and flexibility, not as flexible as light armor and not as protective as heavy armor. Medium armor typically has light solid plates covering the softer fabric or heavy solid plates over specific areas.

Heavy Armor is an enclosed suit of rigid combat armor are designed to resist rifle fire as well as explosive and biochemical munitions. It is heaviest over the torso, but articulated plates and molded pieces also protect the rest of the body.

Conventional Armor

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