Colonial Military Manual

The Colonial Militias vary considerably in some things, but the core of their training is very similar to the SAN and SAM. The biggest differences are in uniforms and equipment. Earlier Militias sometimes used space suits rather than more conventional uniforms, while later militias certainly use more conventional uniforms.

Green Hills Colonial GuardUniform_1.jpg

The Green Hills Colonial Guard uses uniforms of yellow and orange. With a heavier weight winter uniform for use on Vespal and in other cold climates, with a variant being used in dangerous environments on ship. The lighter uniform gets far more use, especially in ship board duty.

Eridanus Defense LeagueUniform_3.jpg

The Eridanus Defense League uses dark red and dark grey uniforms with brighter red shoulder pads. The come in shipboard and surface styles, with the surface style including a uniform jacket.

Troy Home Defense ForceUniform_4.jpg

The Troy Home Defense Force uses a single light blue and grey uniform for both men and women. Though a uniform is almost more a dress uniform for them, as most militia members wear whatever armor and use any equipment they may have.

New France MilitiaUniform_2.jpg

New France uses two uniforms: A white and light red uniform for women and a white and light blue uniform for men.

Colonial Military Manual

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