Ceres Homeguard Uniform



Era: Early Space Era/Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Originally Unknown, Later Ceres Manufacturing
Government(s)/Organization(s): Ceres Homeguard
Type: Space Capable Body Suit
Armor: D-
Endurance: C
Flexibility: B+
Environment: Environmental Seals


The Ceres Homeguard Uniform is designed to offer limited space capability by simply adding a helmet and rebreather. This allowed crews to stay in their suits at all times and when engaging in dangerous activities a helmet and rebreather could be added, so in cases of a breech the user will not suffer from conditions in space. It is made of strong flexible materials in a form fitting style for maximum maneuverability.

It was used throughout both Early and Interstellar Space Eras, but is basically functionally unchanged.

Ceres Homeguard Uniform

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