Bishop Pilots Armor



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): FIC
Type: Sealed Light Body Armor
Armor: D+
Endurance: C+
Flexibility: B
Features: G-Tolerance, Sealed Environmental Suit with Filtered Helmet and Exterior Connectors


Bishop Pilots Armor was designed during the Interstellar Space Era for use by small craft crews just like the UEG’s Marex Pilot Suit. The Bishop suits are more rigid than the Marex suits, which makes them better at protecting the wearer from damage but also makes them less flexible. The goal of both suits is effectively the same, protect the wearer from environmental hazards should the vessel they are piloting lose containment. Sadly losing containment is all to common in a physical conflict, which is why such suits are so important. Also like the Marex suits, these have connectors so they can tie into a small crafts recycling and supply systems.

The FIC sold these to anyone who could afford them. This includes the Colonies during the Rebellion and the militias after. It also has meant some pirates own these, though among pirates owning a set of Bishop Pilots Armor is a mark of status and fortune.

Bishop Pilots Armor

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