Battleships and Dreadnoughts are designed to win space battles. Their task during wartime is to achieve space control: defeating all enemy vessels and destroying all static defenses. They usually also have a number of small craft and ground troops to press their advantage after gaining the advantage in space. They also fill the role of ‘command ship’ with a full flag bridge and facilities for an admiral to command in space.

Light Battleships are extremely uncommon and are almost never seen as a ‘light’ battleship does not fit most people’s concept for their role. Some Carriers could be thought of as ‘light battleships’ if desired with fighter screens making up for a lack of armor and weaponry. Those are usually classed as Carriers instead however.

Heavy Battleships however are termed ‘Dreadnoughts’. These behemoths simply have massive sizes that allow them to outgun smaller vessels by miles. They also have extremely thick armor.

So far most Battleships have been made by the SAN or the organizations that became the SAN. This gives the SAN a clear edge in conflicts where they can make use of them.

Early Space Era

Interstellar Space Era

Modern Space Era


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