Badger Military Vehicle



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Government(s)/Organization(s): UEG
Type: Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)/Truck
Size: Small/Medium
Crew: 2+5
Speed: B
Agility: B
Armor: D+
Endurance: C
Weapons: 1 HMG Turret


The Badger Military Vehicle was designed to replace the Bushman IFV and Scout IFV from the previous era. It falls in between the two in capability. Starting with a infantry capacity of 7 including the gunner and driver, 4 more than a Scout and 3 less than a Bushman. This also applies to it’s combat roles as it can perform missions ranges from forward scout to squad transport and fire support. It does not have the firepower of a bushman however making use of a single cupola HMG turret to provide firepower, still this is typically sufficient against infantry.

Badger Military Vehicle

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