Avenger Standard Missile Platform

Taking a page from the SAN Arrow Missile Platform, the Avenger Standard Missile Platform (ASMP) was designed to allow a mix of different components. Any of the various warheads, guidance modules, or engines can be mixed and matched to fit a required mission. The FIC usually does not sell these, however they have offered some to ‘special’ customers.

HEMP warheads are shaped charge explosives combining armor penetration and high explosive punch into a single unit. While not as purely powerful as fusion warheads, they can punch through a ships hull and then explode to inflict more damage than it would otherwise cause.

Warhead Modules

  • Kinetic Penetrator (KP)
  • Fusion Explosive (FE)
  • Fusion Plasma (FP)
  • High Explosive Multi-Purpose (HEMP)
  • Beam Pumped X-Ray Laser (BPL)

Guidance Modules

  • Thermal (T)
  • Signal Guided/Dumb Fire (SGD)
  • Hyper-Spectral (HS)

Engine Modules

  • Short Fusion Torch (SFT)
    • Cruise: 250G, 45 LS
    • Max: 1000G, 11 LS
  • Long Fusion Torch (LFT)
    • Cruise: 250G, 2 LM
    • Max: 1000G, 30 LS
  • Long Nuclear Saltwater Rocket (LNSR)
    • Cruise: 40G, 3 LM
    • Max: 200G, 36 LS

Avenger Standard Missile Platform

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