Arrow Aerospace Fighter


  • Era: Interstellar Space Era
  • Manufacturer:
  • Government(s)/Organization(s):
  • Type:
  • Size:
  • Crew:
  • Speed:
    • Atmosphere
      • Cruise:
      • Max:
    • Space
      • Cruise:
      • Max:
  • Agility:
  • Armor:
  • Endurance:
  • Weapons: 1 Railgun, 2 Wing Pylons
  • Defenses:
  • Sensors:


The Arrow Aerospace Fighter is a colonial design predating the Colony Rebellion and used as ground to space interceptors during the UEG invasion.

They are armed with a single rapid fire railgun, which are backed up by a pair of wing pylons. Each pylon can only hold one standard missile.

Arrow Aerospace Fighter

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