Arcadia Colonial

Arcadia Colonial is the formal government of Tau Ceti in the aftermath of the Colony Rebellion. Arcadia Colonial consists of two habitable worlds: Arcadia and Perens, as well as a number of orbital platforms. Arcadia is the cultural and governmental heart, Perens is the industrial and economic heart. The other three planets in the system have very little interest to anyone. One is a molten world of rock and ash, another is made up of coal, soot, and other amorphous carbons, while the last is another desert world with a heavy axial tilt causing dramatic and extreme ‘weather’.

Home System: Tau Ceti

Orbital Bases and Facilities:

  • Orbital One, Arcadia tether station
  • Perens Alpha, Perents tether station
  • Perens Beta, Perens tether station

Arcadia Colonial

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