America Cruiser



  • Era: Modern Space Era
  • Manufacturer: Mars Aerospace Group
  • Government(s)/Organization(s): SAN
  • Type: Cruiser
  • Crew: 204
  • Size: Large
  • Speed: C
    • Cruise: 10G
    • Max: 120G
    • LGS: 1:10
  • FTL: SAN Military Linear Type 2 (2.5 ly/m)
  • Agility: C+
  • Armor: C+
  • Endurance: B+
  • Weapons: 12 Heavy UV Laser Turrets, 12 Light UV Laser Turrets, 4 Heavy Missile Launchers (1-4 shot, 40 max)
  • Defenses: Stealth, Flare/Chafe Launcher
  • Sensors: B
  • Small Craft Capacity: 4 Large Docking Bays (8 Large Docks)


The America Cruiser was developed at the beginning of the Modern Space Era with the expectation that it would replace the Defender Class Cruisers. However in the time since the Defender series was planned the combat potential of such a platform was reduced, instead they have a much broader focus on a multi-purpose role. They mostly perform survey, scientific, and scouting tasks as well as hunting pirates. One of the most interesting things in the design is an internal spin gravity ring for artificial gravity as the original design could not take advantage of LGS.

The America Cruisers are equipped with 12 heavy UV laser systems, 12 Light UV laser systems, and 4 heavy missile launchers. It uses a single massive Fusion Torch drive with vectored thrust to maneuver while a FTL drive system gives it interstellar capability. A set of hangar bays offer potential to carry fighters or shuttles. Though they are only ‘Large’ sized docks so only smaller shuttles can fit, but it can hold eight of those. At least one America had it’s docks redesigned and could carry up to fourteen small fighters with a single large shuttle instead.

The first couple America Cruisers in service were updated to provide LGS in areas outside the gravity ring and to offer inertial dampening for the entire ship when maneuvering. Later production models were built with LGS from the beginning, but still use the rotating internal ring to provide areas with full gravity. However the design had to compromise on LGS performance to work properly and so is limited to a 1:10 ratio. Early vessels also mounted first generation type 2 FTL drives, which were later replaced with military grade models.

America Cruiser

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