AK-74M Assault Rifle



Era: Early Space Era
Manufacturer: Various
Government(s)/Organization(s): Russia, Various
Type: Assault Rifle
Size: Large
Ammo: 5.45mm, 30 Round Magazine
Fire Rate:
Range: 500m
Accessories: Variable Assembly


The AK family and it’s variants have gone around the world with versions for centuries and even into space. The AK-74M is a ‘modernized’ version from 1991 and predates the change to the AK-100 series or the AK-12 rifle, still using the original Russian rounds. The AK-74 and it’s predecessor the AK-47 are so cheap and easy to make that one often can’t go anywhere weapons are sold without encountering them or their components. They even were used at times during the Colony Rebellion, though there sheer age made them inferior weapons by then. While the true AK-74 had a single rail, so many variations and fitted components exist that this is not true of all variants of this weapon you will find.

AK-74M Assault Rifle

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