AK-337 Assault Rifle



Era: Interstellar Space Era
Manufacturer: Kalashnikov Concern
Government(s)/Organization(s): Russia, UEG, Various
Type: Assault Rifle
Size: Large
Ammo: 10mm Long LP, 30 Rounds (Standard)
Fire Rate: Automatic (Single, Short Burst, Long Burst)
Range: 300m
Accessories: 3 Rails (2 Top, 1 Underside)


The AK-337 was the last of the AK series commissioned inside Russia and still looks like an AK. However inside it uses a Liquid Propellant firing system, even though it’s not a full ECTLP unit it does offer some advantages over traditional mechanisms used in earlier models and the version used in the AK-337 is the most robust LP system possible. It also uses a more common standardized 10mm long round so ammo is less of a concern.

AK-337 Assault Rifle

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