Korona League

The Korona League is the result of a colony ship that departed Sol to get away from the UEG during the Early Interstellar Era. They didn’t have any one particular background, just a dislike for UEG policy. After finding the single Habitable planet within the Korona system they settled down. However knowing that the UEG would one day come for them they kept much of their technology and military capability as possible.

They have a pair of military forces, known as the Interstellar Marine Service (IMS) and the Interstellar Crusader Force (ICF). The IMS oddly has some of the largest vessels as well as many small craft, basically all vessels using marine forces. The ICF on the other hand are almost all stand alone vessels deployed in and around their system in preparation for the coming of the UEG.

The ICF and IMS mostly use electromagnetic railguns and lasers for weapons. They also make good use of light anti-missile laser turrets. Few of their larger vessels makes use of missiles, however they are obsessive over anti-missile systems. For instance, the Atlas is designed to sneak into a good firing position on the enemy and open up from range before moving in. The Korona League has not advanced FTL drive design much beyond commercial drive capability when they left and not even reached military drive levels during the ISE.

The reason for this is the most effective weapon when they left and the primary weapon of UEG ships like the Hammer Corvette were missiles. Their operational combat doctrine is designed specifically to counter missiles as they close on the enemy and then fire heavy hitting lasers and railgun rounds at short ranges where they should have more firepower than the enemy. Unfortunately as they left well before the Colony Rebellion their concepts of effective tactics are untested.

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Interstellar Marine Service

Interstellar Crusader Force

Korona League

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