Carriers are Capital Ships dedicated to carrying small craft in hangar bays. Traditionally Carriers come in two types at this level: Assault Carriers and Fleet Carriers. Though multirole Carriers also exist which can handle both functions.

Assault Carriers transport ground assault forces and the shuttles to transport them. Even more than the average these carriers have massive housing capacity as they need to carry thousands of troops for an effective landing as well as all the support staff involved.

Fleet Carriers typically carry large amounts of fighters giving it the ability to project power at extreme ranges. They often also include weapon loads similar to cruisers and sometimes battleships in case enemies manage to get in close.

General purpose carriers will combine landing troops and shuttles with fighters. They lack the fighter punch of fleet carriers and the full ground combat load of assault carriers.

Fleet Carriers often act as flagships like Battleships do. Combining a flag bridge with a Space Command Center (SCC) to allow a considerable tactical and strategic picture in all situations. However Carriers of this size take massive resources to build and so are rarely built in large numbers and most governments simply cannot afford to build, crew, or maintain them.

Colony Rebellion Era

Modern Space Era


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